SEO Quote

Your SEO quote

Compiling an SEO Quote

In order to compile your SEO quote we will take a look at your website, examine a few potential keywords, and assess the competition of these keywords. This will give us an idea of the work needed to rank your website. If you’re serious about including SEO in your online lead generation strategies you’re taking a step in the right direction.

Website analysis

Examining your on-page SEO

When compiling your SEO quote we will examine your website closely, taking a look at the myriad of on-page SEO factors. This includes taking a look at your content, website layout, coding/scripting, interlinking, navigation and meta-tags. This initial analysis will detail the current state of your website. Using this information after we have gained an outlook of your competitors will be extremely important in order to assess an accurate SEO quote.

Competitor analysis

Scrutinizing the competition

Once we’ve taken a look at your website and researched a few useful keywords we’ll take a more detailed look at your competitors. This will reveal who is already ranking for desired search terms and how strong their SEO strategies are. If the competition is very difficult it will greatly affect the amount of work involved in ranking your website. However, if the competition is not that tough it will make the job a lot easier. This is why it is impossible to give a flat-rate service fee instead of an SEO quote.

Keyword analysis

Digging into keywords

Essentially a minimal version of the keyword research process. Keyword analysis will be conducted in a brief form to get an idea of the your industry and it’s presence in the search engines. This information will assist us in our competitor analysis and provide a little insight into link building capabilities.